Final Expense Overview

Easily Cover Your Final Expenses

Did you know the average funeral, including a casket and vault, currently costs thousands of dollars?

Adding extras like flowers and obituary notices can add thousands of dollars more to the total cost. Many funerals can run into the tens of thousands.

If you passed away today, would your family have enough money to pay for your funeral expenses or hospital bills? Would your family continue to thrive without your income?


With Whole Life Insurance, you can help your family be prepared to handle your final expenses.

The death benefit may be used to pay for hospital bills, funeral arrangements, or even help with every day expenses.

Whole Life Insurance Offers You:

You will never have to worry about losing your coverage.

You can be covered no matter what your health history.

Just answer a few simple medical questions on the application.

The affordable monthly rate you start at will be the same rate you will pay for the life of the policy. Your coverage will not decrease or be canceled because of age or health.

*As long as premiums are paid and there are no loans or accelerations. **Issuance of policy may depend upon answers to medical questions. ***Subject to issue age limits and state availability.



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